Our corporate product promotion policy, “Creation and Innovation”, has never changed since our foundation. With a corporate culture based on Creation and Innovation, we endeavor to practice “something new, something different & something more affordable” everyday, and have established an unchallengeable position in our respective industries. In the future, we will continue to exercise this spirit, and will move on to create new markets.

Considering the socio-economic strength of our countrymen, we are always very much conscious about their affordability. Keeping that fact in mind, we are picking the right products while choosing, from any therapeutic group.

We also have a very defined target of entering global market and for which we have renovated our manufacturing infrastructure, compatible with international standard. Regulatory processes for exporting products are moving on with some countries, recently.

Product promotion department of Cosmic is now developing through a well experienced management where new ideas are encouraged and conventional thinking is challenged, and where new products and markets are ever born in harmony with the increasingly sophisticated desires and requirements in peoples lives.